What to expect in a treatment

In a Reiki or crystal treatment you will be asked to lie on a treatment couch if possible, if not you can sit. You will be clothed and cosy with blankets, pillows and sheepskins. There will be soothing sounds. I will talk you through a relaxation and give you a focus for the busy mind. I will place my hands on you over the blankets and allow you to draw the energy that you need. Energy sensations are often heat or cold, tingles, fizzing, relaxation. Sometimes there is sensation of pain where there is an old injury or a current problem but it is usually short-lived and indicates healing is taking place. If uncomfortable you can let me know and I will move on.


Time often is experienced differently during a treatment - there's a dream-like quality to the experience that is accompanied by a sense of stretched or shortened time and that moment of returning where we have to think to remember what day it is. There is a deep relaxation that allows the body to heal, the emotions to settle, the mind to process and solutions and insight to arise from our deeper self. 

My focus within a treatment is always peace, compassion and kindness and to connect to the pattern of energy that is you in wholeness - complete and content. Sometimes imagery is useful in focusing the attention on health and peace, sometimes I sound to resonate with the patterns of health and dissolve patterns of hurt or fear. Each treatment is unique. The difference between a Reiki treatment and one with stones is subtle but is largely a difference of depth. Crystals amplify and focus the ki flow - so more energy flows to more specific levels, and a deeper shift in energy flow can occur.

Treatments usually last around an hour but can be shorter if required. I like to have an hour and a half available at least to allow for a gentle and kind returning to normal reality - the dream like state sometimes takes a little while to receed

It is a good idea to have some space in your schedule after a treatment to be able to care for yourself. Often you will sleep deeply that night. The energy takes two or three days to fully integrate and in that time nurturing yourself is only beneficial. As is drinking lots of water.