Chakradance Celebration Winter

Celebrating the winter, turning our attention inwards and downwards, letting go of the forms in our lives that need now to pass, planting seeds for the next cycle's growth. A time to relfect and move deeper within ourselves, connect to our strength, wisdom and deeper understanding.


This celebration guides us through a journey from the crown to the root, exploring the manifesting flow of life force from the connection to wholeness through imagining, expressing, relating, acting, moving and grounding. We then dance the connections and flows between these emerging to a new balance and integration. 


A longer dance, allowing a deeper exploration in a single session of four hours.


Chakradance Celebration Summer

Celebrating summer, moving outwards into the world, creating, acting, blossoming and bearing fruit. The seeds planted in the winter sprout and grow creating new forms in our lives and warmth stimulates growth developing and nurturing existing forms to expand and evolve.


This dance celebrates the rise of life from the root to the crown - the liberating flow of life force that takes us on a journey from physicality, through feeling, thought, relating, expression, imagination and connection to a larger whole. Dancing from our deeper self we build a bridge between our inner world and the outer life - strengthening that connection through the Jungian technique of mandala art.


A longer dance of three hours giving us time to move more deeply into each centre.