Crystals are amazing. They each have a world of magic to share with us. When we reach out to stones with the intent of listening and connecting, a whole new realm of experience opens up before us. It is a strange concept to our intellect that communcation with a stone is possible - but the part of us that is more instinctive and childlike naturally opens up to the beauty of stones. They are amazing in the their colours and shapes - the amazing sight of a crystal cave takes us all out of our cleverness and into a place of wonder. In that moment we are recepetive, resting, open, peaceful.


Stones of any size can take us to that still place within when we focus on them. In that state of Being our heart rate drops, we stop producing cortisol that damages our system and produce endorphins that help us heal, our blood pressure reduces, we relax.


Crystals have amazing properties - focusing and amplifying energy - properties used in laser technology or storing information as in microchips. Our whole technological revolution is based on the quartz crystal. 

"Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair"


Khalil Gibran

Crystals have a revolution to offer us as human beings too. The opportunity to heal, to evolve, to become aware.


Everything in this Universe is electro-magnetic energy. Our body communicates using electro-magnetic energy - both within itself and with the world around. Crystals with their steady pattern of molecular structure hold a steady rate of vibration.

We are less stable - liquid crystal - and our rate of vibration is variable. Connecting to a stone we come into resonance with it -  vibrating at it's rate. This will have corresponding thoughts, feelings and physiological states associated with it.


Rose quartz feels like a peaceful, gentle, loving kindness; citrine like a joyful, warm, playful and energetic abundance; amethyst like a calm, soothing wholeness.


The more we carry or work with a stone the more easily we hold that vibration ourselves - it becomes part of our pattern. 


The more we work with them the deeper and more complex our understanding of their vibration becomes. 


Working with stones is all about resonance - you will experience that as attraction to a particular stone.  



The purpose of our lives is to be happy

Dalai Lama