Reiki means Universal Life Force. It is the energy that unites the universe. We are all naturally experts with this energy as it is what we and everything around us is made of. We have not learned to consciously notice the flow of this energy in the West, but we all notice it none-the-less.


The butterflies-in-the-tummy feeling when we are nervous is the sensation of the solar plexus chakra wobbling;


the shivers when we a talking about something scary;


the tickle of someone watching you from across the street;


the feeling of walking into a room where two people are mid-argument;


thinking of someone just before a text arrives or the phone rings; 


the safe feeling in some houses and the strange atmosphere in others


- these are all us picking up information through the electro-magnetic energy field that we are living in.


It is as natural as breathing.


A Reiki treatment feels that natural. It is a simple and nurturing experience.

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind"

Caroline Myss

We are living in a vast Universe teeming with energy and our energy systems are designed to draw on that limitless supply. But we mostly have little idea of this and have forgotten we can connect up and down to recharge ourselves. We are aware of being connected to the world around us, and we know we can get energy from each other, so we are left scrabbling for enough energy to live our lives through exchange with those around us. We get sucked in to battles for attention, recognition, love and acceptance from friends, family, colleagues, the world at large, and never feel really full or satisfied or whole or peaceful.


Reiki reconnects us to the flow from the limitless Universe. It is drawn, not sent, so you simply draw the energy you need until a balance is found. It is a peaceful, nuturing feeling of relief, leaving a sense of wholeness and acceptance that is deep and quiet. 

"Be patient where you sit in the dark, the dawn is coming"