Awakening Cycle


The Awakening Cycle is a nine session cycle that is usually run over nine weeks. It is a journey through the different levels of our being using the structure of the chakra system to guide the focus for each session.


We begin with a dance of discovery that takes us through all seven centres as an introduction and intial exploration. In the following seven sessions we focus on one centre at a time and explore our experience of that level of ourselves:


  • the root: the physical self and our relationship to the Earth

  • the sacral: feelings, movement and the receptive part of our selves

  • the solar plexus: thoughts, power and action

  • the hear: lightness, relationship and love

  • the throat: communication, self-expression and listening

  •  the third-eye: imagination, vision and mystery

  •  the crown: connection, wholeness and purpose.



The final dance is one of integration - dancing the balance and relationship between them all. 


The cycle is an amazing journey that is unique to each person and different each time you dance it. The chakras are energetic reflections of us and like us vary in their flow, tone and feeling from one moment to the next. We each find centres that we are very comfortable with in general and those that are often more challenging. In Chakradance we bring a mindful acceptance and compassion to whatever arises allowing the movement and music clear and balance each centre. 


Cycles are sometimes run as a weekend retreat or in three days spread over a couple of months.