"The lamps are many but the Light is one"


When we train in Reiki life changes.


An attunement to Reiki reconnects us to the flow of energy from the Universe - the connection remains active all the time. It settles to a steady level that is appropriate for you after a few weeks of initial clearing through the system. After that time the more you practise and work with it the more it will flow through you. Your evolution is in your hands.

The experience of the world as energy has subtle but profound impacts on our lives and our perspectives. We become part of the whole - it is no longer possible to just blame the world around us for disharmony in our lives and leave it at that. We become masters of our own destiny, responsible for our experience of life. This can be scary, but it is incredibly empowering and we discover an amazing array of lovely souls who are making this journey too. As one of my students said "it's like being Harry Potter getting the letter from Hogwarts!" It puts the magic back in life.

Reiki is taught in three stages:


  • the first level is about self-healing and discovering a Universe of energy

  • the second level brings in symbols that focus the flow of energy in different ways - so we start to be more active in our relationship and use of energy flows - we can now send healing from a distance

  • the third level brings a rounding and completeness - working at higher levels, allowing us to work with others as a therapist and go on to learn to teach also if we feel drawn to that.

Many courses for Reiki are taught over a weekend. I take a longer approach to it as I like to support students through what can be a profound and life-changing experience. I introduce different aspects of the energy system with each level and progress through different techniques, meditation and aspects of energy work with successive trainings. My aim is to give you


  • confidence in yourselves and your ability to work with Reiki,

  • a solid grounding in safe practice

  • time and space to explore the magical world of energy a little in a supportive environment.

Reiki 1 is taught over 12 weeks of two and half hour evening sessions or six weeks of a day a week at a cost of £240. Reiki two and three are each taught as 6 days - once a month for six months, usually at a weekend, costing £240. I work with small groups of up to 6 so that I can give each of you the attention you deserve. For more information or to enquire about the next course contact me here.