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Energy 101

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Over the last 20 years of working with energy I've built up a tool kit of techniques that I can turn to to help me navigate life's currents and flows more easily. I share some basic techniques as part of the Reiki 1 training, often in the form of meditations. This is a series of blogs covering some of those basic techniques.

What do i mean by energy?

"Matter is energy slowed down" Einstein

Matter is ‘that which occupies space and has physical substance’ – it is a general term for the world of solid objects, all the ‘things’ that fill our lives, including our bodies. Physics has shown us that matter is not made of solid parts but is energy moving more slowly than when we experience it as light or sound. Understanding this gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore the world as energy.

We experience the world as made of solid objects but we do also experience it as energy - though we have learnt not to pay conscious attention to these experiences.

We often experience energy as sensations in the body or as feelings such as butterflies in the tummy or shivers down the spine. It is part of our everyday language too, we speak of feeling scattered, feeling high or low, heavy or light. We are all experts at reading energy – we experience the atmosphere in a room or crowd, and notice if someone is watching us from across the room - all of these are energetic experiences.

Just as you can take care of yourself in material ways by eating good food, wearing clothing suited to what you are doing, moving your body, washing, sleeping, and cleaning your home; you can also tend to yourself in energetic ways.

Everything you do impacts you energetically, as everything is energy, but you may find yourself not knowing what to do about it. There are as many ways of working with energetic experience as there are people, but there are some basic simple things you can do to consciously engage with and take responsibility for your energetic self - a bit like choosing to wash when you are sweaty rather than wondering why you feel sticky and smelly!

Basic techniques:

  1. Develop awareness and presence

  2. Ground

  3. Centre

The following three blogs offer an overview of each of these basic techniques and a guided meditation to help you develop those skills.

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